Nicola Lean and Rory’s ad for Busy Bee Candles has been released on facebook.

Funky Pigeon Commercials wrapped for our adults Hannah, Francesca, Rob, Devante, Amanda and Matthew!

Gavin Lewis has been advertising through his Social Media channels for The Welsh Government Recycling Schemes

Russell Daniels has just wrapped on Interactive Feature Film Kill Stream to be released in 2021

Rob Murphy appears in the new Capital One Commercial

Mollie Williams’ appears in the new commercial for Simply Health

Phillip Roy plays Shakantula Devi’s Lawyer in MA GENIUS released on Amazon Prime TV.

Mollie Williams appears in the Ovarian Cancer Commercial and the Aldi Easter Commercial

Nerys Amber Stocks makes a cameo in the GANGS OF LONDON

Evie England, Sadjo Davies and Isaac Eames appear in the ROXI BOX Christmas Commercial

Halle Owen appears as Robbie Williams Daughter in the TIME FOR CHANGE Christmas Music Video

Oliver Berry and Nerys Amber Stocks shoot a Voiceover for  a new PLAYSTATION game released in 2021

Christopher Pegler-Lambert appears in I HATE SUZIE on Sky One


Maddison Belle Platt plays Megan in the GAVIN AND STACEY CHRISTMAS SPECIAL

Jenson Harris appears in CANNES FILM FESTIVALS award winning short BOYS SHOULD

Charlie Thould and Louis Toghill appear in short film  KID COWBOY

Nerys Amber Stocks plays Teddy Girl in CBBC ALMOST NEVER

Oliver Berry appears in DSA Airport COMMERCIAL

Oliver Berry appears in NUTELLA APPRECIATION Commercial