Male Clients

Our Wales-based actors have a huge array of professional credits under their belts. If you are looking for a specific skill, we have stunt registered artists, musicians, singers, musical theatre performers, as well as professional actors. Please call 07852 901616 or email for more information, or click on the headshots below for details on a specific actor.

Evan Al-Sharif
Jamie Berry
Matthew Bool
Russell Daniels
Simon Dwyer-Thomas
Rhydian Edbow
Rhys Edmunds
Lucas Edwards
Devante Fleming
Robin Liew Harper
Christopher Pegler-Lambert
Rhys Howells
Scott David Knighton
Gavin Lee Lewis
Sinna Mogul
James Morgan
Rob Murphy
Elis Myers-Sleight
Jordan Woodley
Phillip Roy
Ben Walton Jones
Matthew Connors-Jones
Matthew Connors-Jones Tagcard